Interim Rabbi Jim Simon

Rabbi Jim Simon comes to Temple Israel with a varied background. He has always enjoyed being a Rabbi, especially a pulpit Rabbi, and also enjoyed the education he received in law school and his training to be a family mediator. He spent six years as the Regional Director for the Midwest Council for the UAHC (what is now known as the URJ – Union for Reform Judaism) as well as serving congregations in Worcester, MA, N. Miami Beach, FL, and Pinecrest FL as Associate and Senior Rabbi. Rabbi Simon was asked to be a part of the first cohort of Rabbi’s trained to be Interim Rabbi’s through the Interim Ministry Network and the Central Conference of American Rabbis in 2009-2010 and did additional work for the Advanced Certification of Professional Transition Specialist. Since then has served in Florida, New Jersey, Utah Oklahoma and New York as Interim Rabbi. His wife stays in their home base of Florida and he is the father of 3 children and has two grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys walking and reading non-fiction books. He is very much looking forward to being here for this year and assisting us through the process of finding a settled Rabbi.

269 Loma Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 434-0996