Joys of Jewish Learning

Shalom and thank you for being part of our Temple Israel Joys of Jewish Learning adult education community of learners. We are looking forward to another enriching year of adult learning at Temple Israel and are very happy to share this year’s catalog with all of you. Our catalog is filled with unique and interactive educational opportunities for adults who are eager to begin or continue along their Jewish journey.

This year’s Joys of Jewish Learning Program (JJL) is focused on the thought-provoking theme, BEYOND. Together, we will stretch our minds and hearts and go BEYOND where we currently find ourselves. As a community, we will push ourselves BEYOND our current ritual practices, BEYOND our current knowledge of Jewish tradition, BEYOND our experience with those in our community, and BEYOND our existing understanding of Jewish text and tradition.

Join us, as we explore Jewish observance, lesser-known holy texts, different aspects of the Jewish and non-Jewish community, and ethical issues that push us to make the world a better place. We will welcome to our congregation many incredible scholars, speakers, artists, and teachers who will help us to go BEYOND our current comfort zone and expand our hearts and minds through the lens of Jewish learning and knowledge.

We hope that there will be something for everyone this year! Whether it be text study, outings to local museums, literature, film, cooking, theater, lectures, discussion, or scholarship, please join us for one of our Joys of Jewish Learning programs and perhaps go BEYOND what you’ve done before.

If you are a long-time supporter of our JJL program, thank you for your ongoing participation and commitment to learning. Adult learning is self-motivated, and I encourage you to give yourself this gift. Here at Temple Israel, adult education is also an opportunity to make connections with others at the synagogue and BEYOND. Come and help us to build that community. Come and learn from one another. Your presence and participation are important to us. All are welcome to come and learn. Please feel free to extend an invitation to your friends and family.

Please contact our Educator, Sharon Amster Brown for information.
Contact Information: or (562) 434-0996 ext. 115

JJL Catalog

Joys of Jewish Learning Catalog



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